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Friday, June 23, 2006

Unkasoft women

Let's publish some pics of really cause of Unkasoft's success. With this post, we'll close this series of La Alberca for the moment. I'll warning you: some of them are missing!

Pía and Begoña are mother and almost mother of two and three children respectively. Personally, I get was really pleased and wondered with both of them.

Isabel and Esther aren't mothers, but they live with two big kids. They're the bravest women I've ever known and they trust in Unkasoft as much as we do.

And finally, here it's the lastest hiring to Unkasoft family. Some of you already meet her by her daddy's web, but I introduce you to the winner of La Alberca: Daniela.

Kisses for all of them, including those ones who can't enjoy with us. We missed you!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Promises have to be kept

And this is the reason to come back with some pictures about our weekend trip to La Alberca.

Let's start with Felix "Starchy". He very nearly really get used with the machine.

The whole assassins team; starting with the masked, we can see: Tony´s
Pub, Hugo “Headshot”, behind him chusma-san, Iseta “camper”, Jorjo
“txero”, JM “daddy” and Jauma “Chixtaman”.Don't joke because we ended blooding.
And finishing today's issue, a spectacular picture of wonderful hotel
where we was accommodated. By the way: could you find me?


MIDP 3 , Do we really need it?

How's it going? People have started to talked about MIDP 3 for a long time, now seems getting velocity up and should be close by may 2006. -I'm confirming it, could you help me out?-

The first question I had, what’s new?

Notable Features so far:

When I take a look to the list I pleased to see some of the things. For example, be able to run more than one application at the same time. I mean soon, all of us will be using our IM client or music player; meanwhile we enjoy our favorite game.

The standard ways for doing MIDlet provisioning, also essential, right now is the weakness point in the industry. Think in the nightmare to download an application, sending 5 messages to download the game -if you are lucky, some time times the packages are not the good ones for your mobile-, Did you feel the necessity to kill?

I guess I could go in deep but I would like to heard your comments before ;-)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A place called "La Alberca"

Last weekend all Unkasoft staff were in the salmantino (from Salamanca) village "La Alberca".
We wanted to enjoy and celebrate the launching of "The Fourth Seal" game properly.

The fun was assured, the feast and quads pursuits made the two days to be "special".
During this week I will upload some details of the trip and some courious photos.


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