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Friday, March 28, 2008

Creation of the Mobile Technology Companies Association in Spain

Last tuesday, I went to the first meeting of the Mobile Technology Companies Association (Spain) in Boecillo, Valladolid (Spain). 28 companies have founded the new Association with clear objectives, improve the revenues of the companies in the association, move the companies actions to other countries and create a place where to see one each other. The association starts with some pertnerships with mobile operators and mobile manufacters, and we hope to grow in associated companies during next months.
The main objective for the Association will be moving associated companies operations to other technological markets, like United States of America. The actions are working yet.
From Unkasoft we would like to thanks the effort to the involved people in the management of the association and congratulate all founder companies for betting on this new association.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Children fail at school because they don’t play videogames

Every day we read news about the effect of videogames, one day tell us that because of them, people become crazy and kill their mates at the high school. And a few days after that, thanks to them children who use game consoles have a eagle view and get better marks.

The last study published by the Centre for International Optometry, 25% of Spanish children between 10 and 12 years surf the Internet regularly, and 76% of adolescents has a games console. One newspaper reflected the results of the study: "video games help improve visual attention. So, thanks to encourage them skills such as visual perception, peripheral vision, visual memory, coordination or ocular motility. They also help to reduce the reaction time, improve communication when playing in a group, to familiarize children with the use of computers and taught to solve technical problems. They are visual and coordination skills we need for everyday situations such as studying, driving, working, reading or doing sports. "

And if we associate that to 34% of cases of school failure is caused by visual problems, they conclude that children do not play suspended because of the games. It obeys a generalized transivity law.

I mean we will continue seeing any study concludes that something unusual will remain news.
Well, I think we lack a little common sense; children do not pass exams only playing videogames, even with the new peripheral vision. Neither becomes murderers.
Moreover, if 76% of adolescents have a console, rather than in the past, Why is going worse the education level?

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