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Friday, August 17, 2007

Skills of a programmer

Lately I'm reading many post on skills of a programmer like humility,
discipline, those are over other like languages, architectures and so on.

Willpower, sacrifice, tenacity, discipline, humility, commitment that's
typical of a good programmer.

A programmer by calling, does not look for to fulfill the goals, just do
it, but that wants to do it well, likes to program and therefore to
learn. Learn of each line that writes, wants to learn to make it today
better what did yesterday, learn of each work mate. It knows objectives
clearly and the will and tenacity necessary to obtain them, like the
challenges, spirit I+D+I and knows how to realize of which it must
improve (Humility); It does not have limits, just a date limit to
surpass them; it depends on its own restlessness and capacity to
assimilate new concepts, to apply them and to improve them continuously.

Those skills could comprise of the CVs, for example, “Ability to work in
group” or somebody creates without discipline, sacrifice, humility, etc
a person can work in group, or what it wants to learn? or that without
you are skills a person will want to face challenges, I+D+I, etc.

Perhaps those are the skills that I would like to have. Anyhow, a GOOD
depends more on human attitudes than technological.

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