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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Our development offices

Sompe pictures from our Salamanca Offices where we developed our ideas... "The Warehouse". Our development office is a little (80 m2) warehouse adapted to be used as office. Unkasoft have administrative offices in the building next to development and a commercial office in Madrid.

Here we can see two groups of tables with 5 posts per group and a little of our small kitchen.

QA and design...

Development ...

Our little kitchen ...

Our little meeting room for fast meetings ..

Beeing in a business incubator we also can use common infraestructure like meeting rooms, trainign rooms, other kitchen, fotocopy room and a big reception.

As you can see our working zone is normal and we haven't big luxuries, except team, of course...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Also known as… anti-advergaming

Sorry for being so absent. As you already know, Advergaming is produced by companies, who want to immerse their customers in a game which transmit their product values and brand.

Now, in an increasing number of advergames, becoming immersed in a company's brand is integral and inevitable. We enjoy a game driving a car's brand, we fell positively this way of advertise.

But sometimes the satire is good for our life -I love Monty Pythons sense humour-. Due to this reason is rising the number of anti-advergames, but the first one with came to my life was related to McDonalds Restaurants.

Many people means that Anti-advergame is a good tool to combat in-game ads. but maybe there are more ways in which anti-advergaming could be useful. It opens a new way to criticise the entire unfair situation we see today in the world.

Recently we've received a proposal from a NGO to devise the plan for a serious game, a game based on the problems suffered in Africa.
We're analysing previous experiences as this from Unicef , perhaps games are not just funny . are needed.

Do you know other ideas for that?

In the meantime enjoy our latest advergaming at Pepsi web site

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