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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New URL for Unka's Blog

Now on http://unkasofteng.wordpress.com/http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Monday, July 04, 2011

Zombie Meatballs rocks AppStore

The Spanish company Unkasoft, creators of applications for iphone y
Android is launching Zombie Meatballs, a frenetic arcade game in the

The game is already available for free download. Zombie Meatballs is an
old style arcade game in which a cook must kill zombie
each phase and cooks them up as meatballs. The mechanics are based on the
famous ¨Snowbros¨ from the early 90s but have been adapted to a zombie
theme and using the full potential of the graphics for the
iPhones/iPads/iPods touch.

The game includes 18 different enemies, tools that enhance the cook´s
skills, 30 levels, online ranking, and even allows the player to bring in
another personality at higher levels.

The game functions as an arcade game that allows the player to play all
the games that they want but each time they are killed they have to start
the game over at level one. But Unkasoft gives users the opportunity to
start at the last level achieved by buying a ¨cheatcoin¨ which will allow
for unlimited play at increasing levels.

Follow us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/zombiemeatballsgame

Zombie meatballs. iPhone game trailer from unkasoft on Vimeo.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Zombie Meatballs new iPhone Trailer

We launched a new teaser/trailer of our last game Zombie Meatballs for iPhone and iPad.

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Oxfam trying shake minds in the MMA Awards

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Que no te toque sobrevivir en la selva...

Dándole vueltas al tema de la productividad he formado mentalmente la comparación de productividad y supervivencia, de tal manera que una persona que tuviera que vivir o mejor dicho sobrevivir en una selva, necesitase de un esfuerzo que se puede equiparar a una empresa que necesita que su personal sea productivo. Me imagino al señor Pepe intentando sobrevivir en una selva mientras busca comida, agua potable, esquiva animales peligrosos, evita coger enfermedades, etc. y al mismo tiempo me imagino a Pepe en una oficina sacando sus 8 horas diarias para producir de cara a la empresa.
Mi experiencia me dice que la gran mayoría de la gente no es capaz de rendir sus horas de trabajo para que sean productivas, sino que tenemos la "tradición" en España de igualar hora en el trabajo a hora producida, cuando lo realmente positivo para todos es la hora producida y no las que se ha estado en el trabajo.
Imaginemos a Pepe en su oficina y dando unas 5 horas realmente productivas de sus 8 horas de horario laboral. Imaginemos a Pepe en la selva, haciendo lo mismo pero buscando comida para sobrevivir y utilizando 3 de cada 8 horas en mirar las florecitas del entorno.
Las empresas necesitan que seamos productivos por encima de estar presentes. Es la ley de la supervivencia porque la empresa necesita recursos dedicados a los trabajadores en su puesto de trabajo, desde supervisión hasta consumo eléctrico o de consumibles y si esas personas no son productivas, entonces la empresa pierde competitividad al invertir o gastar y no producir adecuadamente. Ya no es solo que no se cumpla con el acuerdo empresa-trabajador, sino que además hay que invertir en el puesto de trabajo.
La plantilla alimenta a la empresa como la persona alimenta su estómago en situaciones de supervivencia, porque no nos engañemos, estamos sobreviviendo constantemente como pequeñas empresas.
Me hace mucha gracia cuando alguien me dice que está agobiado en su puesto de trabajo, con un horario de 35 horas a la semana porque tiene un ritmo muy alto y tu opinión es que está por debajo de su capacidad. Que no te toque sobrevivir en la selva...
Nos vendría muy bien a todos viajar más, trabajar en diferentes sectores y países y sobre todo, montar una empresa para experimentar el concepto de supervivencia (ya que las selvas escasean). Hace poco escuche decir a Bernardo Hernández de Google que todos nacimos emprendedores. Si realmente todos utilizásemos nuestra cualidad de emprendedor para probar nuestra capacidad, otro gallo nos cantaría. ¿Como podemos decir que se ha vivido sin habernos probado a nosotros mismos?.

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Through the storm

Long time ago since my last entry in the company blog, but I have been full up of working and looking for the balance beeing father. Unkasoft continues fighting and winning in my opinion. We have made a 100% growing in revenue in 2009 and will be at same level in 2010 and we are managing our cash flow in the right way. I think that we are doing well and in the next 20 months we will see the results of the effort of the team.
I can say that now I am an advanced entrepreneur taht can manage a lot of different situation and thanks to Unkasoft and the economic gloom I can understand a lot of things inside a technology company trying to expand to an international scope with projects and products. We know what is having money and what is not having investment, and what revenue and payment means for a company. A great team is giving us the opportunity of making a sucess business and seeing how to expand our business to different countries without a VC investment. It sounds like crazy, but I am happy seeing our advance without using a lot of money and seeing how other companies start looking at Unkasoft as strong player in the market.
Thanks to Unkasoft team for your effort nowadays and continue pushing and fighting, because we are opening a lot of new opportunities like our advance in the US market.

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Unkasoft: Brand Awareness through Mobile Games

Unkasoft works with mobile marketing agencies; they develop games and applications focused on advertising. This is a great platform for the launching of brands and for advertisers to be known in the new media.

Laura Jañez told us about the expectation of the company for 2010. (via smartphone)

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Unkasofk at the 3GSM World Congress 2010

The Mobile World Congress provides a one-stop-shop for everyone looking to understand what will drive the success of the mobile industry over the next year.
Stop by at our stand to enjoy our latest innovations in mobile advergaming, android and iPhone. Unkasoft leading solutions and projects, as well as our experience, our goal, accompany your mobile marketing strategic to success.
Visit us on Spanish Pavilion -Courtyard CY19- to learn more, and arrange a meeting sending an email to info[at]unkasoft.com .

Visit us, Courtyard CY19
February between 15th and 18th
Location: Fira de Barcelona
Avinguda Reina Maria Cristina
s/n 08004
Barcelona, Spain
email us: info[at]unkasoft.com

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Friday, December 11, 2009

MINI Jukebox, advergaming for iphone

MINI advergaming foray with its mobile marketing agency Mobile Dreams Factory. As we see in the press release on the official website of MINI, MINI Jukebox is able to travel back in time, reliving the past five decades through music. The game objective is simple: follow the music, clicking on the iPhone screen. You find different levels of difficulty for both casual users, and for the most advanced ones.

The game is completely free and can easily be downloaded from Apple Store. To do this, just enter keywords in the search as "MINI" or directly "MINI Jukebox".

Day after day we see more big brands using videogames as a marketing tool. The trend is still to grow the spending in interactive marketing and reduce the traditional.

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Hot Hot Fugu arrived to Android

The hot hot Fugu, coolest fish app for Android phones.

Extremely fun and addictive game to play with your friends. Shake your iPhone to make Fugu grow... but make sure you pass your iPhone to a friend before the fish gets too big and EXPLODES!! When Fugu bursts, the player holding the phone loses the game and should have to pay a high price... (round of drinks, tell a tale, grow a moustache...) Before you start the game, take a look at our "Chef´s guide" for tips and hidden humour! Enjoy Fugu´s powerful, original design and colorful graphics, inspired from the "finest oriental cuisine"!

You can download it from :

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