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Monday, July 04, 2011

Zombie Meatballs rocks AppStore

The Spanish company Unkasoft, creators of applications for iphone y
Android is launching Zombie Meatballs, a frenetic arcade game in the

The game is already available for free download. Zombie Meatballs is an
old style arcade game in which a cook must kill zombie
each phase and cooks them up as meatballs. The mechanics are based on the
famous ¨Snowbros¨ from the early 90s but have been adapted to a zombie
theme and using the full potential of the graphics for the
iPhones/iPads/iPods touch.

The game includes 18 different enemies, tools that enhance the cook´s
skills, 30 levels, online ranking, and even allows the player to bring in
another personality at higher levels.

The game functions as an arcade game that allows the player to play all
the games that they want but each time they are killed they have to start
the game over at level one. But Unkasoft gives users the opportunity to
start at the last level achieved by buying a ¨cheatcoin¨ which will allow
for unlimited play at increasing levels.

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Zombie meatballs. iPhone game trailer from unkasoft on Vimeo.

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