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Friday, May 25, 2007

Become a Guru, Why not?

Often we listened, it comes the guru of X or the Guru of Y made a brilliant contribution.

According to RAE association guru means, “Person to whom considers teacher or guides spiritual, or to who recognizes intellectual authority to him”. I guess you haven’t seen gurus in the spiritual range recently.

Wikipedia describes a concept closest to which there is in the world, defining the guru like an initiator of a concept. But we go by that way, would respond remembering a sentence of a movie, Guru in the time or the space? … I understand that in a space like my house, I am the guru of the telecommunications, perhaps or the one that was a guru of computer science when the IBM cards, was not it now. Therefore, if we judged to a guru like “person whom recognizes persistent intellectual authority to him in the time and universally”, have left few rather.

Better we will remain with guru like an initiator of a concept. Of those, I have the luck to know many, all of them entrepreneurs. My friends of Omepet and their manifesto, the people of Anyplays, the guru of blogs in error500, my friends from Valencia, the people of AOF team, Safira, Bango… and very many friends more, the list would never end.

You know, look for the guru that you have inside and you do not let yourselves shock by others - except for which they take orange wear and they are bald.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

We do not learn… Educational gaming

It seems that we do not learn, last year a small Spanish company as we are, tried to present ideas about how the games can improve the learning. Of course, governmental institutions and companies that are already working in the sector of education said to us that they did not see it suitable. Worse even if we took advantage of a device within reach of anyone, as it is the cell phone.

Once again it arrives a big international company, decides to do the same, in this case EA with the University of Alcala de Henares. The denominated project “Learns and plays with EA”, has obtained optimistic results, the children have managed to understand better the language of the sounds and the images. At the same time it has improve clearly the relation between the parents and children. I ask myself, what can we make to convince the Spanish industry of the companies that they have? We’re not in Redwood City but in Salamanca we know to make it even better. I recommend you to know the EA experience, which has got what we couldn’t... http://www.aprendeyjuegaconea.net/uah/htm/experiencias.htm

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Join Us

Unkasoft is looking for new graphical designers.
We are extending our team. If you are a graphical designer,
with 2D pixel art knowledges, and you want to enjoy Salamanca, send your CV and a summary of your works to jobs@unkasoft.com
We offer indefinite duration contract and a good atmosphere of work. Dare you do it?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Unkasoft 2007 Staff

May 17th, Unkasoft Staff had a meeting, without collaborators, for talking about a lot of things.

We decide to take a photo of the group to immortalize the moment we were all at the office.
The place is the garden from Genesis Companies Incubator, where Unkasoft offices are.

Here you have the staff phot and starting from left-upper corner:

-David (Ilustrator and Graphic Designer)
- Alberto (Videogame Programmer)
- Jesús (Graphic Designer)
- Jorge (QA)
- Fernando (Videogame Programmer)
- Félix (Platform engines and devices data base manager)
- Tony (Comercial Director)
- Hugo (Videogames Designer)
- Javier (Platform Programmer)
- Juan (QA)

in the below line:

- Isabel (Administration Manager)
- Jaime (CTO)
- José Manuel (Platform Software Architect)

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