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Friday, February 29, 2008

Yes, this year we will be in USA for our new products presentation and showing. We will be at the CTIA Wireless 2008 in Las Vegas. Our booth is the 6866 and we will show new features for Unaksoft GameSpace.

During march, we will add new games for GameSpace and new functionalities for it users. We will also launch news for Marketing Agencies, Mobile Operators and Mobile Agreggators.

Monday, February 11, 2008

De Boer and Fira de Barcelona, shameful spectacle

I’m concerned with social issues as many of you, including equal opportunity. With equal opportunity I mean that protects all have the same conditions to compete. For example, I and a person with restricted mobility can enter the same pavilions to compete for customers, present ideas, and so on.
Well, after ask for a stand accessible for people with restricted mobility, in order to avoid problems of previous years. We request that the Spanish Pavilion at Fira de Barcelona, was accessible. Something obviously in other places likes IFEMA in
Madrid. Wrong, I arrive and see that is not mounted in an accessible way.
I went to De Boer office, and they told me that there are no ramps for security reasons. Will their safety or people with reduced mobility ones?
They just gave me the following paper:
Basically, saying person restricted mobility should call each time they want to enter or exit from a pavilion. Certainly, De Boer is the worse company to organise events, really unprofessional. If I do not depend on anyone to enter, why should depend another professional on them?

I believe we must punish more, especially in these cases. Tomorrow I will complain to the Fira, and I’ll meet with organizers of the pavilion, in order to avoid this shameful spectacle.


Saturday, February 09, 2008

What's GameSpace?

Unkasoft GameSpace BETA is ready. For now, it will be launched at the 3GSM World Congress Mobile, thanks to four big advertisers.

Soon, I’m going send you the access information and, please, give your feedback.

Those who want to try GameSpace send an email to info@unkasoft.com and discover a new form of advertising.


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Preparing the Mobile World Congress (3GSM), final stage.

Again, we find ourselves preparing the Mobile World Congress (3GSM) that will be in Barcelona. We are full up working on preparations of everything we are going to show, and we are thinking if we will have enough time for closing all tasks in time.
Moths ago, we started preparing the event, the agenda and closing the requirements for the products to show there. Months of hard working with the production and at the same time working on the company product launches for this year.
This year we are full of new ideas and prodcucts, new concepts and new ways to go to Advergaming Market, that will impress a lot of people. Our objective for 2008 is showing our new Advergaming technology.
If you are going to be a the 3GSM congress in Barcelona, meet us in our stand where you can try our new concept of Advergaming. If you are a mobile application developer, visit us, you will find a nice surprise.

We'll meet in Barcelona (CourtYard, Spanish Pavillion, stand 9).

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