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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

'Tiger Jump' Jaime.. new Steve Jobs?

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Friday, February 20, 2009


Unkasoft, a leading provider of advergaming and mobile marketing, today announced that it is offering free games via the Gamespace Portal that are also compatible with the popular Zeemote JS1 Wireless Controller. The Zeemote JS1 is the award winning Bluetooth gaming controller, which creates the world’s best mobile gaming experience.

GameSpace (http://unkasoft.mobi/) provides media companies with an effective way to promote digital content or products and brands to vital segments of the market through games delivered on user’s mobile phones. GameSpace provides a host of benefits to the mobile operator, including an increase in income from content, the potential to widen the number of users by offering content for free, or for preview, and a new income source for back catalogue games. All games on the GameSpace Portal are now compatible with the Zeemote JS1 Controller, enhancing the overall mobile gaming experience for the user.

The GameSpace portal also leverages Microsoft’s ad server, Atlas, that is able to configure several campaigns for the GameSpace mobile portal, which will be presented in an adapted form for every device in the market. Also, Unkasoft Advergaming On the Fly technology injects advertisements at several places within games and applications.

“Today’s announcement will change the way users interact with mobile games,” said Juan Antonio Muñoz-Gallego, Co-founder Unkasoft. “GameSpace allows advertising agencies to insert ads into any interactive mobile game without development tasks and now that the games are Zeemote compatible, users can use the JS1 Controller to enhance their player experience.”

“The Zeemote JS1 coupled with Advergaming offers a unique way to deliver a mobile marketing message to a user through immersive game play,” said Ernie Cormier, Zeemote CEO and President. “I am pleased that Unkasoft will enable the Zeemote users to take advantage of a compelling new frontier in mobile gaming.”

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mobile Peer Awards Winner !

Yesterday, Unkasoft was one of the the winners of the Mobile Peer Awards. I was there making the presentation of our candidature and the public supported us for the award. Thanks to everybody for your support and thanks to all people that helped us in the process. I think that we will see the video soon in Youtube ...

Mobixell Partners With Unkasoft to Deliver Multi-Channel, Rich-Media Advertising Campaigns Including in-Game Advertising

BARCELONA, February 16 /PRNewswire/ -- Mobixell, a leading provider of innovative mobile multimedia and advertising solutions, is partnering with Unkasoft Advergaming, leading provider of advergaming and mobile marketing, to deliver multi-channel, rich-media advertising campaigns including in-game adverts.

Both Mobixell and Unkasoft Advergaming will display the solution at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on stands J36 (hall 1), and CY11. The alliance between the two companies will allow mobile operators and content providers to offer a comprehensive multi-channel mobile advertising solution to brand owners, which includes the option of ad-funded games.

Unkasoft Advergaming delivers a mobile gaming platform to mobile operators and publishers, which allows third party advertisers like Pepsi and Toyota to insert advertising messages inside free video games, offering a powerful personalized and interactive medium to engage with subscribers. The partnership with Mobixell, to create a joint solution, composed of Unkasoft's Advergaming platform and Mobixell Ad-It(TM) multi-channel ad-server solution, allows existing and prospective customers of both companies to deliver high quality, multimedia adverts across multiple channels, including WAP, SMS, MMS and video, as well as the highly interactive and engaging gaming medium.

The joint solution enables the dynamic insertion of rich media adverts in games, as part of a unified multi-channel campaign management environment. Contextual, behavioral, demographic or location-based criteria are, ensuring optimal relevance for the consumer, whilst enforcing policy and privacy protection.

"The partnership with Mobixell brings the Unkasoft Advergaming solution to the most innovative operators, which employ multi-channel advertising solutions," said Juan Antonio Munoz-Gallego, Co-founder Unkasoft. "Operators and brands can now engage the users in an interactive and personalized manner. I believe this joint solution offers a win-win situation for the mobile operator, the brand owner and the user."

Operators are seeking proven solutions that create additional revenues streams," said Avichai Levy, Executive VP Marketing, Mobixell, "Through this partnership, our customers can now enjoy in-game mobile advertising, which is a fertile ground for brand owners and creative agencies, and an area rich for exploitation by mobile operators and content providers."

About Mobixell:

Mobixell Networks provides innovative multimedia and advertising solutions to mobile operators and content providers. Mobixell's solutions focus on enhancing the user experience to increase adoption, encourage customer loyalty, and build on the operators' assets to introduce new revenue streams. Mobixell provides tailored solutions for multimedia processing and adaptation, and multi channel mobile advertising to over 300 mobile operators and content players worldwide, including top-tier carriers in five continents. Founded in 2000, Mobixell is a US Based company with additional offices in the UK, Germany, China, and Israel.

For more information, visit the company's website at http://www.mobixell.com

About Unkasoft Advergaming:

Unkasoft Advergaming, (http://www.Unkasoft.com) develops advergaming marketing applications that let companies incorporate their branding into video games that customers download to their mobile devices. With Unkasoft's personalized, non-intrusive approach, customers enjoy a dynamic, interactive experience that creates favorable awareness for companies and their products. Unkasoft offers a library of ready-to-deploy mobile video games as well as custom game development. Unkasoft clients include Pepsi; Toyota; Vodafone; Renault; Nokia; Oxfam, an international relief organization, and others. With offices in Madrid and London, Unkasoft was named the Spanish European 2008 Dell Small Business Excellence Award winner

Media contacts:
Kirsten Scott / Tim Focas
eclat Marketing
Email: mobixell@eclat.co.uk
Tel: +44-1276-486-000

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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Diary of a wishful entrepreneur

AUGUST 2006 – I’ve stared my own business. What happiness! At last I’ll be my own boss! What good have broke up with discussions with directors, lack of recognition and have begun the way to be rich, brother! That’s life.

JANUARY 2007 – I took the most beautiful experience of my entire life. Today we finished our first business plan. We studied and I can not imagine a better plan. We review the entire product and will certainly be the killer application. My partners are equally enthusiastic, a plan is so cool, I think we’ll get a prize for it. I hope to show off soon to potential investors and seek for customers. Wonder deal with investors and customers, I don’t know why I worked for a big company with a fixed wage.

MARCH 2007 - A friend told me that he’s burnt-out with their clients and venture capital. I can not imagine how anyone could be angry with these creatures of God. I believe that God put on earth to enjoy them, although it’s difficult to reach them.

MAY 2007 - The other day we received our first investment, known as seed capital. It’s like a movie. We went out to lunch to celebrate it with our first employees. Venture Capital and some customers tell us that we are the best ..a red herring. nice launch! What a wonderful life, my friend said that I look like a bigwig!

AUGUST 2007 - Our customers demand everyday proposals, I think they really like the product. Potential investors complain about the business plan, saying that growth is not ambitious enough and we underestimate our power. Well, the truth I do not understand very well because they are decided and changed so many things but ... well, let's do it, anyway what a wonderful life, Bro!

SEPTEMBER 2007 – Yesterday, customers asked for more changes unexpectedly. Furthermore, as investors were not committed, I had to do a capital increase; I couldn’t go on vacation because I have neither money nor time.

FEBRUARY 2008 – Customer keep doing changes as they want, and investors as well. I sent them a blank sheet proposal and they can write whatever they want. I am a little tired of Word and PowerPoint! In addition, Vista was blocked. But we have an Innovation Award, I enjoy this life!

JUNE 2008 - They say the crisis in coming. And I would go blind for working in Word, Excel, proposals and plans ... Damn!. My friend called me and said he will be on vacation again but he said I'm a bigwig, maybe due my lack of move.

SEPTEMBER 2008 - Investors said our plan is astonishing, but with the credit crunch they run out of money. So we have to tighten their belts. Crap I wanna kill the one who said there was no crisis. Damn, Windows block again.

DECEMBER 2008 got more news of the crisis; our customers don’t pay in time and others who say they’ll pay in 180 days. They want to get better prices. I can not go anywhere to relax. News says it's going to be worse, I can not believe it. We have cut costs, staffing, and stopped to feed the dog. Credits are not coming, who will save SMEs. Investors tell us that in the middle of the crisis, 'we must be more ambitious’. I do not know what to sell ... I am thinking to sell my bird.

JANUARY 2009 – Credits are like Santa, nobody sees it but there seems to exits. My partners have visited the banks and it seems that Santa have not gone through there. I also stopped to feed the bird. But my friend said Euribor and the cars prices are falling down, the government gave him another bonus and had bought the BMW, there's nothing like have a position in the city hall.

JANUARY 2009 - Damn. Again the president said that forecast are wrong and the worse phase is coming. To get a credit ... well, the bank ask for a personal guarantee, perhaps I can use the dog and the bird (which are so thin, since I no longer have to feed them). Investors say they have no money to lunch, I invite him to McDonalds (I sold one of the prizes we had). Customers do not pay us due weird reasons.

FEBRUARY 2009 - At last today I went out home, just to the cinema, rent, expenses and taxes are killing me. I do not know why I’m in this situation, the banks, the crisis, the global economy or the flowers? I remember my best moments as employee of a company!

MARCH 2009 - I did it again and I’m an employee. Thanks! Great! I’m delighted! I just ask for a couple of days off to go to Gran Canarias Island .. Damn all that heat, humidity. Before the trip my boss requested a report about the project. She’s an angel that God has sent to us.

Frankly, anyone who want to start up a company must be mad and foolish, how wonderful the time now!.

(adapted from the snow story)


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