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Saturday, October 27, 2007

[REC] new marketing ideas

New marketing ideas reaches cinema industry when this industry is living bad days. Last Friday 5th October in Sitges, Filmax presented the [REC] premiere, at this point there's not much new. But, YouTube has become an essential marketing tool, so they decided to record the reaction of the spectators during the showing. You could see the results at the following address: http://es.youtube.com/watch?v=nfgZlMYj_NU

This video is the most original trailer that I’ve ever seen to promote a movie. Taking into account the 55,000 people who have been on YouTube, it is undoubtedly a marketing success. At the same time, I‘m 100% sure that is a film to see in the big screen, these reactions could only find in a good movie theater. Take care none is recording you with night vision camera ;)


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Kaixo Elebila!

Kaixo!, I have to improve my euskera. Today we have to mention a new launch in the advergaming market. Elebila, the first euskera searcher on the Internet. The project launched by BlueXare, a mobile marketing agency, has focused the campaign to promote the euskera language. Once again we observe how to use games to move an idea; you can download the game from: http://www.elebila.eu/game/.

The game has another peculiarity; Elebila Game was produced using Unkasoft Platform, something crucial for us. I hope that our partner Bluexare continue promoting the mobile marketing and advergaming.

Congratulations to Elebila and Bluexare.

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Monday, October 08, 2007

Mobile marketing and new legal aspects.

It seems that this new media are gaining importance and its regulation is going to be fundamental to success. The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce is going to standardize the use of SMS using the same regulation we have for email, based on the consent of the user - they are not make life difficult for their self-.
It seems that the regulations always go slower than the market. Not only that, but that the norms seem that they have been elaborated without understanding the technology and its use. The annoyance of a SMS nonasked is far from the annoyance of an email. The immediacy or the impossibility to introduce filters anti-Spam, lets to the exposed consumer to suffer intrusive ads. Also it’s not regulated the publicity in formats different than SMS, once again is left all ambiguous.
For example, something that usually requests in any form of a game ours to send information to an advertiser, the email info. The email it’s considers personal data, if it indicates full name, company, etc. Juan_Antonio_muñoz@miservidor.com, would consider personal data. If the data is wow@hotmail.com, no longer personal data is considered. Who knows what kind of email use their customer? .

Let us cross the fingers, I hope they will do their best to regulate a new media with a 102% of penetration, and avoid the copy-paste from the regulation referring to Internet.

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