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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Zeemote, out now in Spain

This week I have had the opportunity to meet people from Zeemote in London, -I only breeze through it-. Anyhow my partner, Jaime, had already spoken deeply. Zeemote is a peripheral for our mobile, focused on enhancing the player experience, perhaps in the future also for applications -I guess that they already thought about it-.
Initially I was a little sceptical, but they arrived to the Spaniard market promoted by Movistar, and after talking to them, I feel they have clear ideas.

In fact, Unkasoft its one of Zeemote partners, as always from the developer side. From the point of developer we have always had to 'struggle' with an uncomfortable keyboard. Now with motion sensors and / or touch screens in our handsets, has increased the player's experience. And surely the players with the Zeemote will be in the same way satisfied.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Where does the name Unkasoft come from?

Many people ask me, Where does the name Unkasoft come from?. Now, lost in London, I remember the last day into the gym, and I heard the Last of the Mohicans soundtrack, and I decided to spread it.
The Last of the Mohicans is a novel with all of what is expected, romance, fight and offers you the first steps of the United States independency. In this novel, and the movie, we find Uncas, brother of Nathaniel. Although there are discrepancies between the novel and movie, in both, Uncas dies while trying to save Alice. Which is admirable because it is a value that we have, but we could have searched for something more positive:). But for sure, is a sensational novel and one of my favourite movies.
The shift from 'Uncas' to ' Unkas', I guess is becuase my partners though in how radiKal is the K. And incorporate the 'UnkaSoft', to emphasize that we are dedicated to this wonderful world of software.

To sum up, we have our name based on the solidarity, risky, the fight and a little mad values, essential for the war in the technological world.

I keep for other day the secret of a dog (more a doggy) in our logo.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MMA White Paper on Mobile Applications

The Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) (www.mmaglobal.com) today announced the document containing educational approach to mobile applications advertising. Although the document has been officially done with the collaboration of ScreenTonic, Unkasoft Advergaming, Vodafone Group Service Ltd. and Yahoo!, I must remark the fantastic help from Magnus from Golden Geko and Heather from Mobileposse. And give special thanks to Markus from Vodafone, because without him would have been impossible achieve this result.

The document can be downloaded for free at http://mmaglobal.com/mobileapplications.pdf, and address several hot topics such as:

Among the examples you can spot what we’ve done in Unkasoft with Movistar, sample of boosting a marketing campaign using in-game advertising.


Friday, September 05, 2008

Bluetooth, SPAM or NOT?

It has been launched for public comments, the MMA Proximity Marketing Guidelines. These guidelines are the result of the committee which we are members. Thank to its local idiosyncrasies, most of the mobile marketing companies will proximity marketing.

Actually when in the mobile industry, discuss the proximity marketing, automatically comes to mind the word 'Bluetooth'. Although there are more technological options go beyond RFID or LBS from ops.

The committee sought to give a series of recommendations and educational lines based on what is done today to make this idea a powerful tool to promote companies and products. And I think that, largely, going in the right direction. But when I read the hot topic, opt-in, I thought it was going to cause problems. Mainly because when Bluetooth was designed, mobile marketing wasn’t in mind.

Quote: "Bluetooth On visible or discovered the Bluetooth functionality is on, and the phone is visible to other Bluetooth devices. In this mode proximity marketing systems can contact the user. "

It’s totally ‘correct’, if the user has enabled Bluetooth and is visible 'can' be connected. But ‘should’ we?, Could be a green light for SPAM as indicates an article in The Register? Does the consumer have the knowledge to manage their bluetooth and not receive unwanted publicity?

The issue is actually complex, what would be the best way to opt-in a bluetooth marketing campaign?


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