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Thursday, November 20, 2008

FICOD 2008: jump into the Unkasoft workshop

Unkasoft take part the next day on November 25 in the second edition of FICOD.
Our contribution, imho, the best one: The interactive workshop. However, it is also the most complicated because we need the public to participate. So, we wait you on 25th at 12.15, in-game advertising workshop.

For those who can’t attend the interactive workshop, you have a second change to enjoy a virtual workshop, thanks to Laura. Yesterday was the making-on, it really surprised me. I’m going to publish the URL with the virtual workshop as soon as possible.


Saturday, November 15, 2008

A game only for technicians

Last convention organized by APTE I had the opportunity to meet Pedro Antonio Gonzalez, associate professor at Universidad Complutense de Madrid. This professor presented me the most original game I’ve seen during the last months.

In particular, an action 3D videogame -shooter style - focused on java education programming. I could main character in a ‘class’, getting ‘resources’ (killing for them), fulfilling tasks by answering questions about java, going up to the 'parent class' through an elevator, or tele-transporter by a 'Pointer'. And when I saw the stack of variables, I almost fell shocked. Why did not exist this game when I studied in college?

There is an image as an example:

They are now working on a multi-player version:), each player is a ‘thread of execution’ and will have to fight among themselves for ‘resources’. I mean, frankly, that they should have an online version.


Friday, November 07, 2008

Does size matter? Modu

There are people who like touch mobiles, others prefer the smallest one, another with good speakers ...
What would happen if we could take them all in one phone and every day decide which one to use?
It was presented to me as' telefonito '-tiny cell in spanish- and it is. It is called modu and it is impressive, it has the title of being the smallest phone in the market. You can change the covers on the fly. What more can you ask for?

Enjoy this video of it:


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Unkasoft new offices

After several years in the Vivero Genesys, Good bye, and welcome to our new Unkas office!
Unkasoft Salamanca has moved a new trendy office with wonderful views, uhmm I feel the google style.

Say hello to our four-wheel drive expert, Javi …

Also face our Artistic Director –usually in the cave-, Juanma.

Much of the week-end has been spent on packing and moving to our new offices. And now moving fast as always.


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