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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Unkasoft will be at 3GSM in Barcelona

This week we signed a contract to be in the next 3GSM in Barcelona in February 2008. If you are going to be at the 3GSM, visit us in our stand in the Spanish pavillion.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Unkasoft, FICOD 2007 Award

Yesterday November 6, the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Joan Clos, has opened the International Digital Content Forum 2007. Unkasoft has received the Innovation Award for the project: Advergaming on the fly.

The reason for the award is our platform from which could introduce advertising into videogames automatically. AOF is the tool required for any Mobile Marketing project.

Sincerely, we are grateful to FICOD and the Ministry for the award. The situation became perfect, because while I was waiting, I met Alberto Benbunan from Mobile Dreams, also awarded. Two awards for companies within the Mobile Marketing Association, it appears that this finally takes off.
Within the environment of SIMO, Nae from DOID gave a demonstration of how fast he could publish news (http://www.anaitgames.com/?p=6486).

We hope that soon we could give more news like this.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Fighting to avoid the technological gap

Today I want to talk about a foundation that fights to reduce the technology gap, and to give an opportunity to people at risk of social exclusion, to be in what we call Internet. Unfortunately, we don’t talk much about this kind of action and a lot of mundane things such as sports or gossip press.
The foundation that I want to comment is the Foundation Bip Bip, which recently celebrated its V Awards Bip Bip Technology and Solidarity. From here I would like to congratulate the winners and to projects presented as well, which also deserve it.
The responsibility of this foundation goes from classrooms with computer equipment to free training for people without resources.
All this thanks to donations from corporations and individuals, which I hope grows by the day -besides that you’ll help the environment, which is already damaged-.

The vocation for the inclusion of people with no resources within our industry should be thanked for more companies. Those people will use our services, and this should motivate us to support more such foundations.


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