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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Augmented Reality or how to sell more, Ikea

The concept of augmented reality each day has more success. It has gone from being something intended for military use, to overlap information on the helmets of the pilots, to be something for everyday use.

The possibilities are endless, from training to marketing arena. A clear example is the action taken by Ikea and their agency Mobile Dreams.
The challenge is clear sell more by watching how fits the product in your house. Something we had seen before in the world of clothing but not they are the first one in the furniture arena.
Helping visually how the furniture fits at home before buying it, certainly reinforces the purchase.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Report about mobile marketing in Spain

The MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) has presented the report about the mobile marketing industry in Spain.
The result can not be more encouraging. In the middle of a crisis in which we see everything going down, mobile marketing thrust one's chest out, and grow by 13.3%, with 32 million Euros investment.

And mobile Internet applications are those brilliant higher growth.

Similarly, the future trend is that these formats will continue to grow. From my point of view, 'search' will rise, and get the same weight than Internet.

The concept of advertising in video games, what to say? Is our format, and give us our name Unkasoft Advergaming. In-game format is a non-intrusive one, something that SMS and MMS are more difficult to justify.
Bluetooth, it still also has a small component of intrusiveness.
VOICE, is still to take off in Spain, although the U.S. seems to have more success.

The report reflects what we have seen in the market this week with the Google acquisition of AdMob, a leading mobile marketing network. Google paid U.S. $ 750M for a company which was founded in 2006.

More info in the MMA web site.

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