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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Consumer Best Practices from MMA

Today we close the year and before we eat the grapes, I’ve received a document from the MMA (Mobile Marketing Assosiation): Consumers Best Practices.

The Consumer Best Practices document received updates to several topics, including the following:

The idea of this document is to ensure mobile marketing profitability and consumer protection. You can download it here.

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Join the Rings community

Ivan from EuropeanStartups, announced the European Startups Ring Initiative. And I thought, don't miss this opportunity, and join the community of the 'ring', even more if the ring is made of Startups.
The goal is to bring together people from Europe who are dedicated to the technologies of Web 2.0 have the same goal of strengthening European Web market and therefore European economy by providing high quality services and products to worldwide customers.

You can find more information on the EuropeanStartups site -I like how this site improved in the last months-.

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Unkasoft started the first part of innovate!Europe

Unkasoft started the first part of innovate!Europe. A very interesting event for any startup with European and global vision.
The aim is to identify the most promising startups and drive them into the global technology market.
The Spaniard presence is not bad and you can see a listing from the GuideWireGroup's blog -one of the organizers-:
Actually it was a pleasure to share the experience with my friends from Elondra and aquaMobile.
The schedule will follow what you see here, if you are interested.

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry christmas

Merry christmas and a happy new year !

Friday, December 05, 2008

ThinkLondon & Nestoria

Today ends my week in London, and to be frankly that I am quite pleased. It’s interesting to keep watching how British entrepreneurs have similar problems to tackle an internalization process. As well move for cooperation between entrepreneurs, regardless of where they are based on. In our case we’re about to move things with a company from Bristol.

I've also seen people who already triumphing in the UK, in particular I dragged a coffee with Javier Hernandez of Nestoria. A white branded search engine for properties within Europe (Spain, Germany, UK and Italy), and they launched this week a release for Daily Telegraph.

And also, I met ThinkLondon team; they presented us different options to help us do business in London. Covering any stage in your internationalisation process, strategy definition, find offices, register a UK entity, staff recruitment, ... all thanks to their networking in the London area. And …without cost for your company, what else?.
I see among people who have helped, CAM, NH or Fractalia, and we hope that we’ll be another case of success.
Personal and easy going treatment by friendly an qualified staff, and as background the sights from the 35th floor of its building in Canary Wharf.


Thursday, December 04, 2008

LTN and those social networks

This week I have had several meetings thanks to UK Trade & Investment and LTN (London Technology Network). To be honest, it was a good idea to join them in this venture. Just endorse it for all who want to begin activities in the United Kingdom.
Among the activities of the week, we’ve participated in the The Next Generation Web event. Considering that took place in the One Great George Street, in the heart of Westminster, what better place?
Among the attendees, Universities and Industry, an excellent mix, but with slightly different visions : ). Some more focused on the damn money and the rest more on pure research.

I liked the exposure of SpinVox, and the round of questions related to social networks. The first comment that call my attention was,' There are studies on the detection of the sexual orientation of a person through his network of contacts' (at this point some would be smiling, others would already be on Facebook). I imagine that this study might cover detection of political orientation or if I use to go to Starbucks (of course).
And another question was' Where is the line between private and personal life? ', We’re a constant broadcasting system, including Facebook, Twister, Blog, Flickr, YouTube, LinkedIn, ... there is an uninterrupted generation of information, indexed and published. Not only our publication, but for those around them –you know, that photo your friend uploaded, and you appear background when you should be at home-.

I also liked the large presence of games companies, us with advergaming idea, location-based games, ideas for serious games, ...

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Unkasoft announces agreement with Microsoft's mobile advertising division for non-intrusive advertising

Unkasoft, a provider of advergaming and mobile marketing, today announced an agreement with Microsoft's mobile advertising arm to use Microsoft's ad server, Atlas, for the GameSpace project, a new form of non-intrusive advertising.

GameSpace provides media companies with an effective way to promote digital content or products and brands to vital segments of the market through games delivered on user's mobile phones. GameSpace is claimed to provide many benefits to the mobile operator, including an increase in income from content, the potential to widen the number of users by offering content for free or for preview and a new income source for back catalogue games. more

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