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Saturday, January 24, 2009

New releases for MWC

Once again here it is the Mobile World Congress and again this year we will be there with a booth. It is the biggest mobile phone congress, and it is in Barcelona. This year we have some new releases to show. Some of them related with our mobile games portal, other relates with new ways of playing our mobile videogames and other related with our ad injection platform for mobile applications. We added new features to our mobile gaming portal GameSpace and now you can send games using SMS messages or a link to access directly to the portal from an application in your phone. To improve the way of playing our mobile games, we enabled the Zeemote controller in them and finally we have integrated our ad injection platform for mobile applications with Mobixell AdServer.
We are going to be four people there, Tony and Laura from Madrid office and Félix and Jaime (me) from Salamanca office. If you are thinking to attend the congress and you would like to speak with us, don't hesitate meeting us in our booth. We are going to be in the Spanish Pavillion in CY11(Courtyard). We meet in Barcelona...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Unkasoft finalist in the Mobile Peer Awards

Unkasoft advergaming has been nominated to the Mobile Peer Awards.

We are part of a select group of 42 winners chosen out of 164 candidates from all over the world.

The startups nominated by the MobileMonday chapters to compete for the Mobile Peer Awards in Barcelona are:

* 7syntax - MobileMonday Portugal
* Addict Digital Media - Mobile Monday Buenos Aires
* aka-aki networks GmbH - MobileMonday Berlin
* Anaeko - MobileMonday Belfast
* Aradiom - MobileMonday Istanbul
* Babajob.com - MobileMonday Bangalore
* Beabloo - MobileMonday Barcelona
* Big in Japan Inc. - MobileMonday Dallas
* bioLocate - MobileMonday Jakarta
* CIDWAY - MobileMonday Geneva
* Cirius Technologies, Inc. - MobileMonday Los Angeles
* Crave Mobile - MobileMonday Philadelphia
* Creador Estudio Interactivo C.A. - MobileMonday Caracas
* Dial2Do - MobileMonday Dublin
* Dialy - Mobile Monday Maroc
* DPGroup >> Product: SINDYK - MobileMonday Bogota
* Fortumo - MobileMonday Estonia
* fring - MobileMonday Tel Aviv
* Getjar Networks - MobileMonday Lithuania
* iKen Solutions - MobileMonday Mumbai
* Keynetik - MobileMonday Washington DC
* Liquid Air Lab GmbH / adplace.com - MobileMonday Frankfurt
* Mob4Hire - MobileMonday Vancouver
* Mobintech A/S - MobileMonday Copenhagen
* mobiSiteGalore - MobileMonday Chennai
* MocoSpace - Mobile Monday Boston
* Nimbuzz B.V. - Mobile Monday Amsterdam
* Orbster GmbH - MobileMonday Munich
* Oxynade - MobileMonday Brussels
* Palringo - MobileMonday London
* rmbrME - MobileMonday New York
* Secusmart GmbH - MobileMonday Dusseldorf
* Smaato Inc. - MobileMonday Hamburg
* Soonr - MobileMonday Silicon Valley
* Tellmewhere - MobileMonday Paris
* Unkasoft Advergaming - MobileMonday Madrid
* Wapalta - MobileMonday St. Petersburg
* Wapja.net - MobileMonday Sao Paulo
* WorldMate, Inc. - MobileMonday Atlanta
* Xumii - MobileMonday Sydney

* NOTE Helsinki and Stockholm nominations pending

You can see more here

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Monday, January 19, 2009

The MMA has released the new version of Mobile Advertising Overview

The MMA has released the new version of Mobile Advertising Overview, which contains good educational practices in mobile marketing. Required reading for everyone : ) who are interested in the industry.
From Unkasoft, we try to contribute with the experience we got with you all.

You can download it free from http://mmaglobal.com/mobileadoverview.pdf

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Friday, January 09, 2009

Unkasoft Madrid in the snow, the way we started the 3GSM adventure

Today we have dawned with 10 cm of snow in the Campo de las Naciones, Unkasoft offices. So, I tried to drive to the first meeting in Madrid, to prepare the Spanish Pavilion at the Mobile World Congress, at least I drove to the nearest underground station. Some time ago we saw Unkasoft Salamanca in the snow.

However, at the end we have carried out the meeting. Two out of three companies prepare a proposal for the pavilion production (the other two had no time, given within one month, crisis?).

This year we expect a bit more accessible and representative of the Spanish technology.
I’m surprised that big companies will not be present as they have done in other years.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Unkasoft and Mobile World Congress 2009!!

Only a few weeks to jump into the Mobile World Congress. Once again we’re going to be there in the Spaniard Pavilion showing the trend for this 2009. Coming soon, our news for the free games site, GameSpace.
Direct link to gamespace:

So we meet you in Barcelona.

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