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Monday, June 30, 2008

Advergame concept rocks!

The new advertising age has come. I don't now if our company rocks, :) as our friend Bena mentioned , but the advergame concept rocks for sure.

Cheer up!


We're the champions!!!!

As our blog title state "Blog Unkasoft, Unkasoft's blog, where we talk about mobile games development, gaming industry, agile methodologies and all that matter we're handling every day."
And what’s more important than the eurocup soccer and I should say we are…… the Champions !!!!!!
I missed the game against
Italy, against Russia, but live in Germany deserves it. A picture of Madrid celebration:

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mobile Advertising - Mobile 2.0

It has been an unbreakable event, but actually interesting. Yesterday my colleague Jaime, did the best advergaming presentation long time ago, to an audience with at least 6 mobile operators.
I still spot that kind of content will be a key within the mobile marketing. I also know operators are considering the flat rate is something we should deal, now.
In addition, I had the chance to chat with with Leif Fågelstedt, COO BLYK -meanwhile
Germany won the match-. BLYK is a new big player landing in Spain, Just imagine a mobile operator in which you shouldn't pay;) . It will be the booster for mobile marketing, for sure.

According to Informa telecom investment in mobile marketing in the world is and will be (billions of dollars):

Forecasts for the year have been present throughout the event. Clusters of thunderstorms will continue to trek across the country. The thunderstorms have the potential to produce damaging winds, pounding hail, drenching downpours and a few tornadoes. And for sure January 4, 2009… will rains. Forecast and more forecasts.
Even matters worse I've seen errors in presentations based on errors in the press, which broadcast a message even more wrong. For example, 2010 will be invested in mobile marketing mobile, 250 billion dollars-based on some of the GSMA. Ehhhi! Jaime gets some Ferraris that sales are going to multiply by x250.

Also people still confuse between GSMA and MMA (Mobile Marketing Association), the MMA is a non-profit in order to define and educate on best practices. Is NOT an standardization entity.

One thing that I see important to rethink values, people use 10 times more mobile services if they have an iPhone. Not because it's iPhone, but because it is easy, a word of warning.

Now it's time to return to
Madrid -I can’t see the match with Russia, -. We have to prepare the Mobile 2.0 event. Companies presenting projects: (http://mobile20.eu/)
PRE SERIES A companies

kooaba (Switzerland) - Mobile Image Search
Mobiluck (France) - Mobile Location-based IM, Chat and Social Networking
Secufone (Netherlands) - Mobility and Safety
Unkasoft (Spain) - Mobile Advergaming
ViiF (Germany) - Mobile Entertainment Community

POST SERIES A companies

Futurlink (Spain) - Proximity Marketing
Nimbuzz (Netherlands) - Mobile IM and Text Message Service
Mippin (UK) - Mobilizing the Web
Palringo (UK) - Vocal Instant Messaging
Taptu (UK) - Mobile Social Search

Early-Stage companies

It's good to start seeing Spaniards companies on the list.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Turkcell, mobile marketing leader

End of second day at Mobile Advertising IIR event. After the shock that takes me yesterday hearing ‘2010 will be the year of mobile marketing’. My God! Since we started this advergaming idea it was supposed to be the Mobile Marketing year. It reminds me a movie: ‘Groundhog Day’, where the protagonist 'After repeated several times the same situation, Phil begins to think that it makes no sense to live every day as well, so it decides to change drastically events. "

After two-day seminar listening to the vast majority of ops saying:

Fear, Fear, Fear… lack of courage, lack of bravery.

What differentiates the big from the small, the attitude! I’m sure if I give you a list of operators, some of you don’t put Turkcell on the top. But they prove Turkcell took advantage and is far away from the rest.

A group of ten strong people working side by side with 20 agencies. Elif Tozge, Head of Mobile Advertising in TURKCELL, has seen exactly how to success.

From a chair in
Brussels, dead beat by the effort :) says:

Turkcell, has not been asked whether this year was the year, or whether it’s the next.

They just did it and success.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

IIR Mobile Advertising. Advertising 1.0 vs. 2.0

It has begun the countdown, today I started to spot the list of people who will attend the event and I liked it.
In the event we will defend the values of mobile advertising, and I say that because, sustainable publicity, respect for the environment, innovation and respect for users are more necessary than ever.
An example of traditional advertising I see -suffer- every day, advertising hand in hand, windscreens, and leafleting.

I suffer due several reasons; I didn’t ask for paper on my car’s windscreens, intrusive, obviously is something that anyone asked. The second and more importantly, the Amazon forest is disappearing at an alarming rate, so every time I see that we abuse of our forests to do something so pointless, I get grouchy. And therefore, the publicity achieved is absolutely negative.
I also believe that companies who use these
means have a low level in their marketing departments.

The digital advertising, online advertising, I hope to grow and the event will IIR ideas to advertisers to work in a more sustainable way.

So we need to save our natural resources to do their job better.

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Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The business plan

Once again we must update our business plan. A business plan is a tool that every project or company must maintain for getting funds or to inform any agent. I always say that Unkasoft success came in part by our business plan. We are near to launch our last plan version and it smells very well.
Note: I am writting this entry with an iPod touch and it's a nice experience.

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