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Friday, June 15, 2007

Little Red Riding Hood and TVE

Since you see in our Website, we have launch a new game to the market. We do it in cooperation with the most important Spanish TV channel, channel that is surprising by the speed to renew itself. That channel is TVE, It has seen the following step that is going to give the industry and has taken a very interesting position.
Until recently, It used to ask for brands to the conten producer that later, were offered to the operators through an agregator. It was due to the complexity to produce mobile content, invoicing problems, etc. Today, thanks to off-portals - site outside of the operator- the possibility of invoicing that content is something Real & Easy.

About the project, just download it:) , it is a fast and fun game based on platform style. Who will be the protagonist? if you are not in Spain will be hard to answer.
A day the forest of the hearts was invaded by the dangerous wolves, beehives and other animals. With many secrets to discover, gather the hearts with one of the most well-known and charismatic personages of the tales stories.

Now already you know the new project… only avalaible in Spain, but soon for all of you.
Next, lay eggs… our new license knows of that.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Mobile Entertaiment Market (MEM)… that poor event

Unkasoft arrives fast to the Monte Carlo’s chicane, with our Panda. We’ve arrived to the MEM with high expectations, about which it thought a referring event of the mobile entertainment industry.

Our invitation did not give access to hear the experts, so I cannot give a direct opinion. But I’ve asked to several attendants and they confirmed to me that the sessions, with some exception, were not especially eminent. So every day I trust less these sessions, I believe that there is too much sponsors participation that has an economic potential that opens doors.

However, the most important track for me, it was concerning to Advergaming. Therefore, I tried to contact with some of the speakers and had luck to meet with Mr. Tibout from Vivendi Mobile. We talked about the present and future of the Advergaming idea, both we agree in the potential, in which I hope that Unkasoft will be a reference. Soon we will know an important new of us, what will have unkasoft.mobi?

In the my access zone I had the exhibitors, I found as usual Jumptap, Bango, NVIDIA, Informs, Qualcomm,… I could say hi to almost them, mainly because the number of exhibitors was not very great. Being critical, it would not return to attend, are not the operators, there aren’t companies from entertainment part as Filmax and new features have not shown.

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


It seems that again a new niche of mobile market was found. In addition it´s a niche of which it envied to speak a long time ago, the applications focused to the health.

“The French company France Télécom created in December of 2006 a division specialized in health, after the success of the SMSoleil experiment, in the summer of 2005” (source Five Days). In particular the SMSoleil project I don’t see it especially interesting, consisted to send text messages to families on information of the solar factor recommended to protect their skin. The truth, I used to use the one is close to me without more considerations. If he is commented here it’s like reference of which it’s considered successful and think in a real success years light of that.

The possibilities of the idea are much more there. Good examples are the Columba product, service of location for patients of Alzehimer. Or the T+Diabetes program, T+Asma or T+Tension offered by SFR in which the blood levels of the patients are controlled and alert in case of problems.

Using the functionality of the new terminals the opportunities grow in an exponential way, tele-attendance using the mobile camera. Avoiding the displacement or seeing in real time a person who has undergone a medical problem can facilitate the life or to even save it, serving first specialized. Who knows if we let make the question, is a doctor in the room? Also, the globalisation arrives, perhaps you’ll have the attention of your doctor in the Amazonian forest (that we took care of so little) or that it takes care of a specialist-guru to you of Miami. Surely, people who have moved the CRMs to emergency countries, also think already in costs saving. The health industry will continue being the one that more money moves of the world and I’m glad that the ops have seen this opportunity. There are not much people who save money in health.

However, I believe that the system goes focused to a sector that this so perhaps accustomed or does not have sufficient mobility like using excessively complex services. I consider that to have a simple and powerful handset will be the key. It must be a handset with a simple click and a reduced keyboard that makes what the patient needs. We found in the chain of value the handset manufacturer, developer of the application, to the operator with its network and the medical centre.

Summarising, a new opportunity to give but benefits to the patients, firsts steps in a globalisation world and, reduction of costs and times of attention.

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