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Sunday, April 29, 2007

The diet arrives at the console

It’s the title of an article that has called me the attention in the number of April of the Economic Present time. They mention the concept of “exergaming” and according to a study as Wii consumes the double of calories that other players (Clinical May of Rochester, Minnesota). As any analysis has their opposite, who is of the State University of San Francisco that says that a console does not replace the physical exercise that we required. What to say to this? I believe that they would have to follow with the advice, to learn to drive an airplane in the console does not replace to have to give classes, or to play in SIMS does not replace the real life. Or still more Brain Training does not replace having to go to class guys- although with logse I have my doubts-.

Sincerely, the idea to make exercise with game is not new and or it goes back to 1989, with the Power Pad or Mr. Patrick Ferrer. So that the market has been revolutionized now? The answer is without a doubt the marketing campaign in which, something considered a peripheral one, now is the main crux - in addition to many million in advertising -. The following war Sony versus Nintendo will be the conquest of the world online.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Advergaming don't stop

The advergaming industry grows and numbers are even better, growth rate of nearly 23%. That’s something we know in first person. And I’m sure the rest of my friends, Omepet and Exelweiss confirms too.

Analysing the eMarketer article the main points are:

Something is clear this market will be impressive:

Just one advice, same as other people in the marketing market will do: devalue your advertising quality is devaluing your company … Don’t invest money to devalue the thing you love the most.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Advergaming for Childs… you can’t fool me

Step by step we jump into the advergaming World, as other audio-visual way of communication; it has a huge people impact. That’s good used in a good way.

One of the first questions to advertisers is related to the targeted age. I generally heard the same answer from 15 to 30 –except the funny situation in which wants 4 all ages- . All of us known, the age to be admitted in the new technology club fall down day by day, so finally we’re in the children's scope.

TV and press have already laws to cover that, especially in alcohol and tobacco subjects. Our industry and in concrete the mobile games, I guess is not working out that point. We have to mind the consumer when could be a child, they are defenceless due to the darkness of audiovisual product and the law control. Don’t forget the rights to protect: information, security, privacy, and financial interest.

In Spain already exists rules and law to remember, summarising:

So, Are advergamings bad for Childs? Absolutely, the answer is no. Is a good tool if you use it in a good way, for instance to explain how to have a good feeding or to stimulate be socially responsible.

Will be tough when none is using the PEGI (Pan European Game Information) for mobile games… but we go for it.

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