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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Through the storm

Long time ago since my last entry in the company blog, but I have been full up of working and looking for the balance beeing father. Unkasoft continues fighting and winning in my opinion. We have made a 100% growing in revenue in 2009 and will be at same level in 2010 and we are managing our cash flow in the right way. I think that we are doing well and in the next 20 months we will see the results of the effort of the team.
I can say that now I am an advanced entrepreneur taht can manage a lot of different situation and thanks to Unkasoft and the economic gloom I can understand a lot of things inside a technology company trying to expand to an international scope with projects and products. We know what is having money and what is not having investment, and what revenue and payment means for a company. A great team is giving us the opportunity of making a sucess business and seeing how to expand our business to different countries without a VC investment. It sounds like crazy, but I am happy seeing our advance without using a lot of money and seeing how other companies start looking at Unkasoft as strong player in the market.
Thanks to Unkasoft team for your effort nowadays and continue pushing and fighting, because we are opening a lot of new opportunities like our advance in the US market.

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